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Summer 2023

As we edge closer to green grass and warmer weather, Mountain Kids Swim Lessons is excited to head into our 4th Summer season outdoors!

This year will be a little different with not one, but four distinct options being offered -  beginners, intermediates, advanced and adults.

Lessons will ruat Tie Lake (near Jaffray), as well as at Waldo Cove (near Baynes Lake) from July 3 until September 2.

Starting Soon!

Please note July swim lessons at Tie Lake have now been cancelled due to a family emergency in Australia, but we will still be going ahead with August lessons at Waldo Cove.

Want to double check your lesson time? Do you need to report an upcoming absence?

Please log into the Parent Portal here.

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Beginners at Tie Lake

Sets 1-4 running in July from 1-4.30pm.

Private and semi-private learn to swim lessons. Includes 4 x half hour swim lessons at the same time on each day of the set. Recommended for swimmers 4 years+ either beginners or beginner/intermediates - any Preschool level or Lifesaving Society - Swimmer 1-4 (or Red Cross - Swimmer 1-5, or Dolphins - Junior Pups).

*An additional lesson will run at 2pm during Sets 5-8 at Waldo Cove (or more times if available) - siblings of intermediate/advanced swimmers, or Baynes Lake residents will be prioritized first. Please complete Beginners form on pre-registration night*

Intermediates at Waldo Cove

Sets 5-8 running in August from 1-2pm.

Small group classes of 4 intermediate swimmers. Includes 4 x hour long classes including swimming, water safety and basic lifesaving skills. Recommended for swimmers 7 years+ who can swim AT LEAST 25m front and back crawl and tread minimum 1 minute in deep water. Lifesaving Society - Swimmer 4/5/6 (or Red Cross - Swim Kids 5/6/7 or Dolphins - Pups and higher).

Advanced at Waldo Cove

Sets 5-8 running in August from 3-4.30pm.

*NEW* Lifesaving Society - Junior Lifeguard Club! 

Small group course of 4-8 advanced swimmers. Includes 4 x 1.5 hour long classes including swimming, lifesaving, leadership and fitness skills. For swimmers 8-15 years who can swim AT LEAST 50m front and back crawl and can tread minimum 1 minute in deep water. Lifesaving Society - Swimmer 6+ (or Red Cross - Swim Kids 7-10 or Dolphins - Stronger Pups and any Pod).

Adults at Tie Lake

*NEW* Lifesaving Society - Safeguard Course

Half day course running in late June designed to give more confidence and skills to adults who supervise kids around the water. Including victim recognition, low risk rescues and more. No swimming skills required.

How to Pre-register

  1. Pre-registration will open at 8pm on Monday 17th April, when a Google form link with appear at the top of this web page. It takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

  2. After you complete your pre-registration form, your details will be added into my tetris-game-of-color-coded-excel-spreadsheets to match swimmers, and place in their availability (back-to-back siblings if possible). By the end of weekend, you will receive an email either offering you a lesson time, or letting you know you missed out. Anyone who misses out will be kept on the waitlist, and if we can secure an excellent second Instructor, more lesson times will be confirmed as soon as possible.

  3. If you are offered a lesson time, you will receive a link to our Jackrabbit Swim booking site, where you can complete your family registration (or log back in), enroll into your lesson time, complete waivers/policies and send e-transfer payment. This must be completed within 24 hours to secure your lesson booking - NO EXCEPTIONS this time please, as there is a lot of organizing to be done and Summer is getting closer. Please note your Instructor could be Sarah, or a seasonal Instructor we're looking to hire right now.

  • Note: Neurodivergent swimmers, swimmers with disabilities and high-risk swimmers will be prioritized as best as possible, along with local swimmers from more rural communities who have less access to swim lessons year round. If you sign up to be matched with a sibling/friend/cousin, both swimmers will be kept together as best as possible (i.e. pre-registration timestamp from the first swimmer will be honored).


Why Pre-registration? The reason for pre-registration is that it allows for siblings to be placed back-to-back, allows single swimmers to be matched with another swimmer of similar age and ability, with the same availability, and allows prioritized swimmers (who often have no other accessible options) to have a chance to participate too. There is huge benefit from having a good match, as it often results in a more fun experience, encourages swimmers to challenge themselves more, creates faster progress, and helps to build confidence too.

Who can participate? Swimmers 4 years+ can participate in private or semi-private lessons, preferably who are confident enough to leave the clutches of their parent/guardian and learn in cooler temperatures (3 year olds can register if they are comfortable in the water and with cooler temperatures). Intermediate and advanced swimmers from 7-15 years. Swimmers who are too often left without suitable options to meet their needs are especially welcome to join, including neurodivergent swimmers, swimmers with disabilities (diagnosed or suspected), high risk swimmers, Indigenous swimmers, and 2SLGBTQIA+ swimmers. For example, studies show that Autistic children are up to 160 times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers, so it is important that we as a community support those who are most vulnerable and in need of swim lessons right away.

Not sure of their swimming ability? These options will be provided on the pre-registration form - You will be able to select a maximum of 2 options if you're not quite sure or they're between levels. Preschool levels are 3-5 years, Swimmer levels are 5 years and over (Note: skills performed without a lifejacket).

  • New Swimmer - first set of formal lessons

  • Preschool 1/2 - learning to float, glide and go underwater with assistance

  • Preschool 3 - can swim a few meters with face in unassisted, almost float independently

  • Preschool 4/5 - can swim over 5m front and back, float, jump and go underwater easily

  • Swimmer 1 - learning to float, go underwater and swim a few meters unassisted

  • Swimmer 2 - can swim over 5m front and back, float, jump and go underwater

  • Swimmer 3 - can swim over 10m front and back crawl, learning whip kick

  • Swimmer 4 - can swim over 15m front and back crawl, starting breaststroke

  • Swimmer 5 - can swim over 25m front and back crawl, learning breaststroke

  • Swimmer 6+ - can swim over 50m front and back crawl, over 25m breaststroke

See Lifesaving Society Guides for further details - Preschool Levels, Swimmer Levels, or Red Cross Transition Chart

Please note the previous Red Cross Swim Kids 6 is equal to Swimmer 5, not Swimmer 6.

Cancellation Policy. Lessons and classes are non-refundable except in extenuating circumstances (such as serious injuries or emergencies). Makeup lessons are offered during the makeup week only (if the Instructor has to cancel due to illness or hazardous weather). With 48 hours notice AND in extenuating circumstances, Mountain Kids Swim Lessons will endeavor to find a replacement for your lesson in order to provide a refund, with no guarantees.

Funding and Cost. If your swimmer has funding for homeschooling physical education, e-Streams, SelfDesign, disability funding (such as BC Autism funding) or similar, please let me know and we can arrange direct invoicing and billing (paid upfront if you're able, then refunded upon approval). If your family is struggling to make ends meet at this time (like mine is), please click the Community Page for kids sports grants that you may be able to apply for, or please email me as soon as possible to discuss other options, 

Any questions? Please email any questions to Sarah at

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