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We were so lucky to have had our son enrolled for swim lessons twice this year. Her dedication, her techniques with children is unique but most importantly effective. Our son always looked forward to his lessons, and learned so much. His confidence has sky rocketed in such a short period. She teaches an important life skill. Thank you Sarah.

Rated: 5/5

(November 15, 2022)

Barbra P

My 2 girls love lessons with Sarah. They have fun while learning! They are seeing progress with each lesson. As a parent I appreciate the open communication regarding their skills. Sarah tailors the lessons to our goals and needs. The valley is lucky to have Sarah and her skill set and knowledge.

Rated: 5/5

(January 3, 2023)

Andrea O

Our 20 month old was lucky enough to join the baby swim lessons. It was the best experience ever, we hadn't seen much water with the little guy thanks to covid restrictions.

Sarah's experience and teaching style had our little guy figuring out all kinds of new skills. He's loving the water and looked forward to every lesson.

Get on the wait list now for all your kids.

(June 5, 2022)

Jeff T

Sarah is a talented educator whose patience, care and depth of experience with swimming and teaching create the perfect environment for building confidence and growth in the water. Both our children LOVED swimming with Coach Sarah and can’t wait to come back. Thanks for such a positive experience!

Rated: 5/5

(October 28, 2022)

Deirdre B

We love Sarah's swimming lessons. She has a wonderful ability to connect with the kids, instill confidence in them, and meet them at their level. I'm so impressed with how quickly my son has progressed since joining her lessons. She is well organized, provides excellent communication to parents, and is incredibly accommodating.

Rated: 5/5

(November 7, 2022)

Colleen M

So good! My kids love swim lessons and have improved out if sight! Highly recommend this program.

Rated: 5/5

(November 10, 2022)

Amy B

Sarah is an excellent instructor and she teaches the kids a variety of skills, from what to do when tired to full technique. 
My daughter always comes back from her lesson happy and feeling confident. This is our third year taking lessons with Sarah, and I’m sure we’ll continue on in the future.

Rated: 5/5

(August 15, 2022)

Amanda F

We registered our 6 year old for swimming lessons this summer, after a 2 year hiatus because of  the pandemic. She had 3 sessions with Sarah and we have seen a huge improvement in her skills and confidence swimming independently in the water. M looked forward to her lessons and Sarah is a fun and patient teacher. She also provided a detailed list of tips on how to continue practicing after the lessons to progress M’s skills. I highly recommend Mountain Kids Swim Lessons. Thank you Sarah! We’ll see you next summer.

Rated: 5/5

(August 20, 2022)

Lena M

Our boy did swim lessons at the pool for weeks on end and did not learn a new skill or his teachers name... With Sarah at the lake , he never stopped talking about how great she was, and how encouraged he felt by her " Sarah thought I did really well today! " , as well as his swimming progressed significantly in only 4 lessons! I will definitely be continuing swim lessons with Sarah as long as she offers them. She is patient, kind, innovative and creative with the way she engages young swimmers and her success with kids actually improving and learning speaks for itself! Thank you Sarah!

Rated: 5/5

(August 29, 2022)

Karley D

Sarah delivers on fun and improved swimming ability at the lake!  Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Rated: 5/5

(July 14, 2022)

Roger B

Sarah was great and is very skilled when teaching children. My daughter loved her lessons, learned a lot of new skills and gained so much confidence. The semi private lessons are so much more effective and the kids learn much faster with this type of experience. Highly recommend!

Rated: 5/5

(August 15, 2022)

Meagan S.

Sarah is great with our boys, they really enjoy both indoor and outdoor lessons with her and I’m always blown away by how much she helps them progress. We will be back!


Rated: 5/5

(August 15, 2022)

Lynn W

Our son has been taking lessons with Sarah both indoors and at the lake for the past few years. We can’t say enough good things. Sarah is professional, courteous and kind. She easily adapts the lesson to suit the learner, and has a great knack for engaging even the most dubious or cautious child. We hope that both our kids can benefit from Sarah’s teaching for many years to come.


Rated: 5/5

(March 2, 2022)

Jules D

Sarah is amazing to work with, she is flexible and compassionate about each kid she works with! My kids learned so much from her and she engages the kids through fun games! I liked that at the end of the lesson set she provided a very detailed description of what level each child was at and why! She also went over a lot of safety related topics with my kids for while they are swimming at a lake, which was very important to me!

Rated: 5/5

(July 11, 2022)

Taylor P

This was our first time doing swimming lessons at the lake.  Sarah did an amazing job making the lessons fun but also productive for my children.  The kids enjoyed themselves and it was a great start to getting them swimming.  It is well worth the money to have these more personal lessons because Sarah can grow with each child’s skill instead of leaving them behind like in a larger group.  We look forward to another round soon!


Rated: 5/5

(July 12, 2022)

Amanda L.

Thanks for making it so fun for my kids, they loved it!

Liked how engaged my kids were.


Rated: Excellent

(September 9, 2021)

Jacqui D

My kiddo had an amazing time at his lessons with Sarah at Mountain Kids the past two summers. He had such a good time last year we chose to swim 2x a week every week this year! His swimming has improved exponentially.

(September 12, 2021)

Rebecca B.

One can not ask for a better opportunity for their kids to learn to swim in the great outdoors! Sarah is so engaged with each child and it is clear she adores each one and the work that she does. Very professional and easy to communicate with. My girls have progressed so much with their swimming skills in the last two years. Highly recommend and we will be back next year!


(September 14, 2021)

J Froese

My girls both learned more in their 4 lessons than they have the past few years in Red Cross lessons. Their confidence grew SO much during the lessons and they loved Ayla and still talk about her!

Rated: Excellent

(August 31, 2021)

Carmen D.

Thank you Sarah, for all the effort and love you put into these lessons, it really shows!
I have nothing to recommend. You are at the mercy of people's schedule's and the weather and I think you have done an incredible job!
The girls always looked forward to their lessons. They knew they were going to have fun and learn something new each time. The progress they have made in the last two seasons is amazing! It is such a joy to watch them learn through play while being taught by an incredible instructor. We will be back next year!


Rated: Excellent

(September 3, 2021)

Caitlin F.

Thanks so much! When it's been so difficult to get lessons at the pool, I really appreciated having this available.
Ayla was a fantastic instructor for all three of my kids. They had 3 lessons over the summer and we will definitely do more. I felt it was a really positive experience for them to learn swimming in a different environment (lake as opposed to pool) and their skills improved a lot. Thank you for providing such a valuable service!


Rated: Excellent


(September 7, 2021)

Katya C.

I liked the small group learning.

Addison grew exponentially as a swimmer. Everyday she got better and wanted to continue to work on her skills before next class. Most importantly she talked about all the safety skills they learned. Thank you for a wonderful experience!


Rated: Excellent


(August 4, 2021)

Amanda L.

Sarah has created a wonderful company and is an asset to the East Kootenays. Sarah is a wonderful communicator and highly professional. She put together swim lessons for 3 swimmers and provided the service at a local lake. She went out of her way to provide the boys with an amazing experience. Sarah is a wonderful coach/instructor. Her experience and confidence working with swimmers is evident as she is adaptable and provides swimmers with instructions that they can easily be followed. She makes the lessons fun. Kids respond to her inclusive and friendly approach and do not even realize they are learning. I would highly recommend Mountain Kids to any parent or guardian with children.

Rated: Excellent


(August 25, 2021)

Carole C.

Mountain Kids Swim Lessons is a gem in the East Kootenays. The ability to take lessons in a lake and not a pool was a massive confidence builder for our child as he had to learn to deal with waves and the like. He loved going to lessons and was always excited to practice his new skills at every opportunity. Sarah is a calm and confident instructor that works wonderfully with people of all ages and we do not hesitate to recommend Mountain Kids to everyone who wonders about swim lessons in the area!

Rated: Excellent


(August 31, 2021)

Courtney B.

Sarah was a wonderful coach. My daughter is 13 and wanted to improve her stroke, and with Sarah’s help at over 3 days, she did just that. My daughter had private lessons and worked on each stroke thoroughly. Highly recommend lessons with Sarah.
(September 4, 2020)

Tracy A.

Sarah was an awesome teacher for my kids, they learned so much over the few lessons. I would definitely recommend, plus my kids loved her!
(September 7, 2020)

Brooke M.

Sarah is super enthusiastic and flexible with kids’ needs. She is supportive and fun and has loads of different techniques to get the kids to the next level.
(September 11, 2020)

Monica B.

My boys loved their lessons!!! Fantastic instructor.
(August 21, 2020)

Melissa W.

Thanks so much for teaching them. They really enjoyed their lessons. So good to have open water lessons. Their confidence skyrocketed. It was a pleasure watching them enjoy swimming in the lake after having lessons with you. I hope you do it again next summer!
(September 1, 2020)

Sarah G.

Sarah is such a great instructor and my Ruby loved these lessons. She had a lot of fun but most importantly, her swimming skills noticeably improved with each lesson. We will definitely do these lessons with Sarah again in the future!
(September 2, 2020)

Susan R.

Our 3 and 5 year olds had a 3 block of lessons with Sarah and it was a great experience. They improved their skill and confidence level in the water and had a lot of fun! Sarah’s knowledgeable, kind and very patient. The lesson location she picked is also great for beginners and to hang out and watch the lessons.
(August 7, 2020)

Cara P.

This was a great way to get some swimming lessons in for the kids this summer. Sarah is an awesome coach and I liked that we could choose which skills the kids would work on throughout the three days. Kids had fun and definitely improved their lake swimming.
(August 8, 2020)

Kate A.

Mountain Kids Swim Lessons was wonderful. She was encouraging, engaging and experienced. Thanks Sarah.
(August 12, 2020)

Rylee F.

This was such a great time for my boys! Sarah was fun and engaging and in just three days we were already seeing improvements in their swimming skills. Highly recommend!
(August 5, 2020)

Katie L.

My children loved their lessons with Sarah! It was great to be able to do lessons this summer! I hope Sarah continues with lake lessons for years to come.
(August 5, 2020)

Vince M.

Our 3-year-old had swim lessons with Sarah this past weekend and the experience was so positive! Sarah was incredibly kind and patient and we cannot believe how much improvement our little man made in 3 short lessons. Highly recommend!
(August 5, 2020)

Shea H.

My kiddo just had his first lesson today. He loved it! Sarah was great with him. We will definitely be signing up for more when this 3 lesson set is done.
(July 19, 2020)

Becky B.

Sarah is great - my 4.5 year old loved her lessons and improved a ton over the three days. She felt comfortable with Sarah and was excited about getting in the water. Would love if this was something that happened again next summer, even if the pool is open! Thanks for offering the opportunity!
(July 21, 2020)

Amanda F.

Teddy had a blast with Sarah yesterday! We will definitely be booking in again!
(July 22, 2020)

Alicia C.

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