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Advanced at Waldo Cove

August will look a little different this year as we introduce... Junior Lifeguard Club!​ Please see the below course information from the Lifesaving Society BC.

Waldo Cove is an excellent location for older, intermediate/advanced swimmers due to there being more space, greater depths, a fixed dock to swim out to and lots of space on the sand to enjoy. The area is well maintained, with lots of parking, picnic tables, toilets, a boat launch and grassy spots too. The public swimming area is enclosed by a log line approximately 50-55 meters wide by 20-25 meters from the shore out to the line. It has a shallow strip along the shoreline of a few meters, before a sharp drop off to about 2 meters depth, that gets deeper towards the dock. There's plenty of smooth sand, beautiful shells, driftwood and cool rocks to find! The water temperature varies depending on when the ice went out that year, when the reservoir opens up and how much water fills it, if there are heatwaves or thunderstorms - every day, week and year is different, but it is usually the warmest in August. That's the nature of learning outdoors in the elements, and why there is a makeup week at the end of August this year.

We live in such a beautiful region surrounded by open water lakes and rivers. As kids and teenagers get older, it's important we equip them with skills to keep themselves, and their friends, safe around the water. Not only does this include the ability to swim competently, but also to make safe judgements and decisions, learn how to increase their chances of survival if something goes wrong, how to call for help and get emergency assistance, and understand and practice appropriate lifesaving skills. Let's encourage more leadership and community service opportunities for young people, to help instill more confidence and kindness. Who knows, some might decide to become lifeguards and instructors when they get older too, so even more kids can learn how to swim!



Lifesaving Society - Junior Lifeguard Club

Program Information

The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) offers a unique aquatic alternative to traditional test-sheet-based aquatic programs and is independent of traditional award progressions. JLC is for quick learners and those between levels or programs who thrive in an energetic learning environment. Members can be any age between 8 and 15 years, who can meet the Society's Swim to Survive® standard, i.e., roll into deep water, tread water for 1 minute and swim at least 50 meters. 

More action, more options, more fun. The Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique aquatic alternative for those kids who love the water and who want more than "lessons." The Junior Lifeguard Club keeps kids interested and active in aquatics - especially quick
learners and those caught between levels. The Junior Lifeguard Club is perfect for youth who thrive in an energetic learning environment.

The Club stresses fun and aquatic skill development based on personal-best achievement. Building on skills they already have, Junior Lifeguard Club members work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphasis on: Swimming skills, Lifesaving skills, Lifesaving knowledge, Leadership & teamwork, Community education, Competition, Personal fitness.

Leadership development - including teamwork and decision-making skills - is an important aspect of the Junior Lifeguard Club. As part of the Junior Lifeguard Club's service to the community, Club members will create and execute their own Water Smart® community education projects. The Junior Lifeguard Club is water-based - most of the activities happen in the water. These activities may be supplemented with dry-land fun or community education projects, displays and demonstrations.

The Junior Lifeguard Club is designed for members with differing abilities. Friends (and siblings) can join the Junior Lifeguard Club together even if they are of different ages and different abilities.


There is no ‘failure’ in the Junior Lifeguard Club. Members enjoy high activity challenges in a learning environment where personal effort and success are recognized. WaterLog: Club members - and their parents - can track individual progress in aquatic skills, lifesaving knowledge and activities that promote both leadership and teamwork in their personal Waterlog using recognition seals.

Members can earn 7 different kinds of Recognition Seals for:
• Community Education
• Leadership/Teamwork
• Lifesaving Knowledge
• Lifesaving Skills
• Swimming Skills
• Fitness
• Competition

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The Details


Swimmers can be 8-15 years of age, and must be able to tread water for at least 1 minute and confidently swim AT LEAST 50 meters front crawl and back crawl without assistance. This equates to Lifesaving Society - Swimmer 6+ (or Red Cross - Swim Kids 7-10 or Dolphins - Stronger Pups or Green/Red/Blue Pods).

Groups will include 4-8 swimmers - depending on our ability to find and hire an excellent second Instructor to join us, A parent volunteer or two may be requested to stick around to provide a supervised rest spot on the sand, to hand out bandaids, or to escort a swimmer up to the toilets.

Wetsuits and an extra towel are recommended.

*An additional private/semi-private lesson will run at 2pm (or more times if available) - siblings of intermediate/advanced swimmers, or Baynes Lake residents will be prioritized first. Please complete Beginners form on pre-registration night*


​Instead of offering traditional swim lessons to older/more advanced swimmers, we will now be offering a more comprehensive and social group option; Junior Lifeguard Club. Above is the program information from the Lifesaving Society, and exactly what is offered and which seals we will work towards will depend on numbers, ages, abilities and interests of the group. Swimming time in the water will be broken up with activities on the sand if they need a warm up.


3pm - 4.30pm each day of the set

Set 5:   August 7, 8, 10 and 11

Set 6:   August 14, 15, 17 and 18


Set 7:   August 21, 22, 24 and 25


(Set 8:  August 28, 29, 31 and Sept 1 - Makeup Lessons or Bonus Set)

The number of options run will depend on participant demand and availability.


The closest address for Waldo Cove is: 1005 Sharpe Rd, East Kootenay B, BC V0B 1T4. Google maps may direct you to the wrong access point, as the last section is a gravel road along the water that doesn't display as a driving route.

Heading South down Jaffray Baynes Lake Road through Baynes Lake, turn right onto Baynes Lake Loop Road. Follow it most of the way until you can turn right onto Sharpe Road. Follow this around to the left, then you'll see the 'Waldo Cove' sign which you follow onto the gravel road to your left. Follow all the way to the end, where you will drive through a small RV park, then the public swimming area is just before the boat launch.


Please note: these are private swim lessons on a public beach – there is no affiliation with Waldo Cove Regional Park or RDEK.


There is a non-refundable registration fee of $20, which is put towards the immense time it takes for this solo human to complete registration, match swimmers, develop schedules, plan lessons, courses and sets, daily set up/set down, website and administration, professional development - on top of high expenses to cover insurance, operating costs and more.

Cost is $52 per swimmer/per day plus registration fee and taxes (i.e. $52 x 4 days + $20 registration + 5% GST = $239.40 total each). Includes $8 Lifesaving Society passport.

Lesson costs have had to be increased this set to try to keep up with high costs of living, increased special risk insurance costs, drive time and fuel, and reducing pre-registered sets to allow for wet weather make up days (rather than providing refunds and kids getting less than 4 lessons). If your family is struggling financially too, please see the Community page for kids sports grants, or contact me now for further options.


Swimmers will receive a Lifesaving Society passport for recording the Junior Lifeguard Club member's progress and achievement; space is provided to record personal bests with waterlog seals.

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