Learn to Swim Outdoors Every Summer!

Private and semi-private kids swim lessons offered at Tie Lake and Waldo Cove in the South Country near Jaffray, in the East Kootenays, BC.

Ready to Head Indoors for the Off Season?

Private and semi-private kids swim lessons, as well as parented baby and toddler swim classes, currently running at the hotel pool at Canada's Best Value Inn, Fernie. Planning to be back at Fernie Aquatic Center and Sparwood Recreation and Leisure Center later in the Winter season.

What do we offer?


Outdoor Lessons:

Mountain Kids Swim Lessons focuses on a more simple, supported and individualized approach to lessons that is adapted to the open water environment of the lake. Lessons are tailored to your child's individual needs and goals, and will focus on the practice of safety and survival skills needed at the lake (such as floating, treading water, survival strokes, and knowing their limits), as well as stronger learning of the basics (such as gliding, movement and breath control), and moving towards stroke development and endurance. We focus on providing a child centered and kind approach to learning, while having fun out in the sun!

Indoor Lessons: 

Just like our outdoor, open water lessons, the focus is on developing survival skills, confidence and endurance. Beginner swimmers will focus on getting comfortable in the water, while learning to float, hold their breath, blow bubbles and go underwater. They will practice swimming on their front and back, learn water safety skills, understand personal responsibility, and practice survival skills in the case of an unexpected fall into the water (including a clothed swim practice). Beginner/intermediate swimmers will focus on the same, while adding more distance or duration, increasing independence, practicing breath control, developing stroke efficiency and moving between front and back swim/float to increase their ability to self-rescue in an emergency. All swimmers will learn at their own pace and new skills or strokes will be introduced as soon as they show competency in the foundational basics.
Skills are taught in a positive, fun and self-paced manner to ensure competency and confidence in the basics first, rather than merely trying to just "tick off the boxes". We need to build a respectful and trusting relationship first, before swimmers will let me start to challenge them just beyond their limits, which is where real learning and progress is made. At the end of your lesson set, you will receive an email to let you know their swim abilities, provide a swim level recommendation, plus skills you can practice with them at the pool too.

Neurodiverse and other high-risk and vulnerable populations will continue to be prioritized in the registration process. Autistic swimmers for example, are 160 times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers, so it imperative they have access right away. Many swimmers with disabilities have little to no options in the valley to access swim lessons that meet their complex needs, so Mountain Kids Swim Lessons is doing their best to provide a calm environment and flexible learning options to help them thrive.  


2022-2023 Swim Lesson Sets

Winter Set 1 - Complete

Winter Set 1 - Complete

Spring Set 1 - Complete

Summer Season - Complete

Fall Set 1 - Complete

Fall Set 2 - In Progress

*** Xmas Intensive - In Planning (estimated between 17 - 31 December, 2022)

Winter Set 1 - In Planning (estimated between 3 January - 6 February, 2023)

Winter Set 2 - In Planning (estimated between 13 February - 19 March, 2023)

*** Fall Set 2 swim lessons are underway at Canada's Best Value Inn, Fernie, until December 8th, which will be our last set running there until we return in the Spring. Planning has now started to bring lessons back to Fernie Aquatic Center and Sparwood Recreation and Leisure Center for the Winter Season. Due to the last minute nature of aquatic center schedules, registration will likely be last minute also, opening up as soon as they are released.

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