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Fall 2023

Please complete the below form(s) if you would like to join the waitlist for the Fall 2023 season. which will also assist me in planning around your preferences and needs. It will likely start mid-September and run for 8-10 weeks (depending on if/when we can make an October/November trip to Australia to visit my family after 4 long years). While this is not a guarantee of lessons, I'll do my best to give you an advance head start on pre-registration!

Please Note: Up to 2 swimmers can be included on either form - please fill out a second form for more than 2 swimmers, or for swimmers with different availabilities. If you have a 3 year old and feel they would do well in either option, please feel free to submit both forms.

Please subscribe to the website (if you haven't already) to receive email updates.

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